Released on UNSECURED BONDS and PRE TRIAL RELEASE and now in for MURDER….


The Judges, Magistrates and Pre Trial Services (PTR) are contributing to the growing CRIME RATE and the growing MURDER RATE in Charlotte??? This 19 year old has 9 arrest in Mecklenburg County with dozens of FELONY charges from FELONY LARCENY OF A MOTOR all the way to MURDER. Look for your self on the Mecklenburg Sheriff’s webpage, his PID is listed on all of the pictures below.

Mario Jose Ramirez-Duarte has been arrested and released by UNSECURED BONDS, PRE TRIAL SERVICES AND EVEN ELECTRONIC MONITOR. He has FAILED TO APPEAR (FTA) in Court for charges, He has FAILED TO COMPLY WITH COURT ORDERS (FTC) for charges and he has been charged with INTERFERING WITH ELECTRONIC MONITOR (Ankle Bracelet) and they still let him out for FREE.

Now that he has been charged and released for all of these charges WITHOUT ANYBODY HELD ACCOUNTABLE ON (YOUR TAX DOLLARS), He has allegedly MURDERED a young girl in Charlotte.


Magistrates, Judges and PTR and responsible for the CRIME and the MURDER RATES on the rise in Charlotte??????

I will let everyone know who the Judge(s) are as soon as I find out.

Pre Trial Services is a County Program that is funded by YOUR TAX DOLLARS and they are letting Dangerous Felony Charges back out on the streets of Mecklenburg County.